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MJT & Associates is a fee-only wealth management firm based in Minnesota, with financial advisor offices serving the Montevideo and Excelsior communities and surrounding areas.

Who We Help

Our firm services and supports clients with differing perspectives and values. We embrace those goals and values to accomplish their needs based on their terms, not ours. Our advisors work to establish and review their financial plan, which will help them establish a baseline to pursue their individualized goals while we continuously monitor and adjust to life changes.

Our financial advisors collaborate with small business owners, retirees and pre-retirees, and families in transition with expertise in divorce and special needs planning. We earn the trusted advisor title of our clients by guiding them through their wealth management, tax planning, financial planning, investment management, retirement planning, and estate planning. We want to ensure we have all areas covered - from medical needs and concerns to future gifting aspirations - to be sure our comprehensive planning meets their needs now and in the future.

As part of our process, we accomplish your goals through a plan consisting (at minimum) of:

  • Creating buckets of resources based on needs, timeframe, and tax management of assets.
  • Establishing safeguards and documentation for protecting their loved ones

  • Regularly examining asset allocation to help maximize their need from their investments.
  • Securing the appropriate income for their retirement and goals.

What We Do

Our financial planning process is similar to baking a cake together. As planners, our job is to make the best possible cake, the financial plan, with the best possible ingredients available today in our pantry. Your job, as the client, is to put the frosting and coloring, your values, on the cake.

Our financial advisors provide and implement a customized financial strategy tailored to your aspirations. This partnership provides you with comprehensive financial planning services that marries your goals with our expertise, open communication, consistent monitoring, accessibility to products, information, and technology. We strive to enhance and embrace all our client–advisor relationships.

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Belief Values

We believe in the following core beliefs, the belief in:

  • Mother Natures rules
  • ALL lives matter.
  • We need structure to avoid chaos while preserving free thought and conversation.
  • A peaceful and spiritual existence based on individual choice.

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