Investment Management

As an independent firm that adheres to the fiduciary standard of care, MJT & Associates constructs portfolios free from limitations that will help accomplish your plan, not ours.

​Our firm has chosen to work on a fee-based approach, which means your portfolio's success is directly tied to our success as your advisor. We strive to design and manage portfolios aligned with your risk tolerance level and maximize gains while minimizing losses. You can rest easy knowing our recommendations are made solely in your best interest.

As markets fluctuate and your needs evolve, our credentialed professionals will be there to adjust your portfolio. By keeping you and your goals in mind, we will act seamlessly on your behalf to ensure your money is always working for you.

Here are common questions we ask as we walk through the investment planning process:

  • What is the goal of the funds? Are they to be used now or in the future, or would they be funds you want to leave as a legacy?
  • What are the expectations you have for these funds when it comes to risk and reward?
  • What part of your portfolio do the funds we are investing represent? What percentage do they represent in your liquid portfolio and overall portfolio?
  • Are the funds qualified for tax deferral?
  • What is your comfort level with investing, or how much investment expertise do you have?

The initial discovery process has to be thorough, which means we will always complete a financial plan, not just investment management, as part of the services we provide our clients. Your plan, not ours, drives where, how, and what your investment portfolio looks like.

Our portfolio management services offer:

  • ​Risk Management
  • Cost Efficiency and Understanding of Total Investment Costs
  • Transparency to our Clients
  • Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)
  • Target Maximizing Risk-Reward Ratio
  • Most of all, we don't predict the future but manage your investment portfolio against your needs and goals.  
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