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What We Do

We Navigate Clients to Financial Success

It can be a difficult journey to go alone – endless investment options, competing strategies, confusing tax codes, and complicated legal considerations are among the many obstacles that can derail a plan. But with MJT & Associates Financial Advisory Group to guide you, you’ll travel confidently down a path towards your financial success.

Our financial planning philosophy can be summarized in these promises that we make to each and every client.

  • We’ll work diligently to earn your trust and respect.
  • We’ll ensure that you are continually provided with the most up-to-date and effective financial strategies and investment tools.
  • We’ll always be available to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.
  • We’ll always be available to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.

By adhering faithfully to this philosophy, we have helped many clients achieve their goals and objectives. We’d be grateful for the opportunity to do the same for you. Please Contact Us for more information.

Comprehensive Planning

We navigate clients to financial success. It can be a difficult journey to go alone – endless investment options, competing strategies, confusing tax codes, and complicated legal considerations are among the many obstacles that can derail a plan. But with MJT & Associates Financial Advisory Group to guide you, you will travel confidently down a path toward your financial success.

7 Steps of the Financial Planning Process:

  1. Understand your personal and financial circumstances
  2. Identify your goals and expectations
  3.  Analyze your course of action and evaluate
  4. Developing the financial planning recommendations
  5. Present the financial planning recommendations
  6. Implementing the financial planning recommendations
  7. Monitoring progress and update as need

The path to financial security begins with a proven process for developing a plan that is customized to your needs. We’ll examine your financial standing, life situation, history, and risk tolerance, then factor in your personal and professional aspirations. With every base covered, we will then develop a strategy and timeline for each step towards a secure financial future. Regular reviews and modifications will ensure that the plan stays on track and targets are reached.

Divorce Planning

Becoming unmarried (divorced) can be an emotionally challenging time. The financial intricacies of divorce can be challenging as well. Your marriage may end, but you will live with your property settlement forever.

Our firm specializes in getting clients unmarried without destroying their families and their life savings. We will help you analyze potential settlement options to clearly understand their impact, and we will help you make settlement decisions that are fully informed.

We also work to ensure your needs are addressed for a fair and worry-free outcome. Having gone through a divorce myself, I can relate to my clients’ experiences and emotions as they move through this process. Having come out on the other side to find happiness and stability again, our goal is to help and assist clients in finding THEIR new normal.

Top Five Reasons for Hiring a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® during the Divorce Process:

  • Financial analysis conducted early in the divorce process can save time and reduce anxiety
  • A CDFA can help clients save money during the divorce process
  • A CDFA can help clients to avoid long-term financial pitfalls related to divorce settlements
  • CDFA professionals can assist their clients with developing detailed household budgets to help avoid post-divorce financial struggles.
  • Using a CDFA professional can reduce the amount of apprehension and misunderstanding about the divorce process

CDFA professionals helps divorcing clients understand:

  • The short-term and long-term financial impacts of different settlement proposals
  • Personal vs. marital property
  • Valuing and dividing property
  • Analyzing pension and retirement plan issues
  • Spousal and child support
  • Determining if a client can afford the matrimonial home – and if not, what might be an affordable alternative
  • Tax problems, liabilities, and solutions
  • Evaluating the client’s insurance needs

Special Needs Planning

Planning for your own future can be challenging.  Planning to provide for the future financial care of a loved one with special needs for a lifetime can bring its own anxieties and concerns. The Roadmap is neither known nor straight; however, we can help navigate it for all.

  •  How do you begin?
  • Where do you begin?
  • What government benefits might be affected by your plans for your family member’s future?
  • What resources can they own and attain?

Our firm can help you find the answers you need. Together, we’ll explore the options available to you in the world of special needs planning. We can prepare a carefully designed and managed plan to ensure that your loved one continues receiving the same level of care when you are no longer able to provide it.

My wife and I are raising four wonderful children, one with special needs. We understand the challenges, anxieties, fears, and determination needed to raise him to his greatest potential. I understand and have experienced many of the hurdles you are facing when it involves planning for today and beyond your own lifetime to assure your child is happy, safe, and well taken care of. Working with you as a team, we help ensure that your loved one will have the quality of life they deserve, and you desire.

Working with a CFP

When choosing a financial advisor to help you meet your wealth management goals, consider the benefits of working with someone that is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional. This well-regarded certification is awarded by the CFP® Board to individuals that have met rigorous educational, testing, and ethical standards.


To obtain the CFP® certification, individuals must complete a comprehensive course of study at an approved college or university covering a multitude of financial planning topics, including:

  • Investments
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance
  • Income tax planning
  • Wealth transfer strategies
  • Risk management
  • Retirement planning
  • Employee benefits
  • Wealth management planning

Upon completion of the required coursework, individuals must pass a comprehensive, two-day, 10-hour examination that tests one’s ability to apply the knowledge they have obtained to real-life situations. This test is considered one of the most difficult in the industry, with only a 55-60%* pass rate.


Beyond education, CFP® professionals must adhere to a strict code of ethics, upholding principles of integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence when providing service to others. These standards are monitored closely by the CFP® Board and violation of these principles can result in the revocation of the designation.

Why it should matter to you

There are a variety of attributes that you can expect from an advisor with the CFP® certification, including:

  •  Being well-versed in developing integrated wealth management plans
  • A robust theoretical and practical knowledge of investment products and services
  • An unwavering commitment to the highest ethics 
  • A steadfast commitment to putting your interests first

We encourage you to experience the benefits of working with a CFP® professional for yourself. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a complimentary consultation.